Fine Foods Crystalline Fructose 500GM
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Fine Foods Crystalline Fructose 500GM


Crystalline Fructose has very interesting properties. It is sweeter than normal sugar, low in Glycaemic Index (GI), slow blood glucose response and slow release of insulin

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  • Fructose, A Natural Sweetener
    • Fine Foods Crystalline Fructose is a naturally occurring sweetener in fruits, vegetables and honey. It gives a pleasant fruity sweetness that is suitable for food and beverages
  • Low Glycemic Index
    • Fructose has one of the lowest GI among other sugars. Low GI induces lower blood glucose response and insulin production
  • Lower Amount = Less Calories
    • Fructose is up to 80% sweeter than normal sugar. Therefore, less calories is needed to attain the desired sweetness
  • Ideal for Weight Watchers
    • Fructose helps to increase satiety. It also increases internal energy expenditure