Bionime GM700SB Starter Kit
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Bionime GM700SB Starter Kit


Offering a superior testing experience with professional performance in accuracy and consistency, to be your Everyday Health Partner.

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Every batch of Bionime Rightest blood glucose monitor system is tested and Full Compliance with ISO15197:2013 Accuracy & Precision criteria

  • Bluetooth transmission
    • Transfer test results to App wirelessly
  • Wide HCT range
    • Measure glucose value of extreme hematocrit range, like neonate, elder anaemia patient
  • Meal markers
    • Before and after meal markers help you know how food influences your blood glucose
  • Multiple blood sample
    • Capillary, venous, arterial and neonatal whole blood are applicable
  • Auto coding
    • Eliminates the needs for manual coding and delivers better accuracy than no coding
  • Proprietary Rightest strip
    • With Validus Technology strip design, Rightest srips ensure better accuracy and precision